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Copper Gold Silver 500Ml Catalyons

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Colloidal silver is a colourless liquid solution composed of extremely fine particles of pure silver in suspension in the water. What most people call "colloidal Silver" is water containing silver ions and silver particles. The silver ions are silver atoms that have lost an electron. They have a positive electrical charge and are dissolved in the water.

The silver particles as the name suggests are of microscopic particles of silver in suspension in water. Colloidal silver can be obtained by electrical process that extracts ions and particles of silver from a very pure silver electrode. The resulting electro-colloidal money is at the same time colloidal and ionic and very often 85% ionic and 15% particles. Composed from the silver element, it destroys viruses, bacteria and microbes.

Gold Collidal: Antibacterial & anti-inflammatory. Known since antiquity for its antibacterial properties, gold is a universal topic and possesses anti-inflammatory properties.

Gold may also have positive effects on brain function including improving concentration and memory. It also allows to increase energy and libido, motor, sport performance and Visual acuity. It was noted that gold may also have soothing and calming effects and help to combat stress, anxiety, depression. Long been used to combat joint and arthritis pain, colloidal gold is a suspension of gold nanoparticles in a fluid medium. The color of the solution varies according to the size and concentration of the particles.

Copper: A trace element essential to life. The human body contains the copper in the liver, muscles and bones. It is carried by the bloodstream. Copper is involved in immune function and against oxidative stress. It facilitates the assimilation of iron and helps transport oxygen.

Ingredients: Water silver colloidal copper carbonate hydroxide colloidal gold

Concentration: Colloidal silver 12 mg/L, Copper 3 mg/L, Gold colloidal 0.2 mg/L

Tips: 1 to 3 caps per day.

Can be used as a gargle for throat.

Can be used as a compress to the skin.

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