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All prices displayed are valid until 12/31/2022.

A fuel tax of 1 € incl. VAT is applied in the price of transport. This covers part of the fuel tax invoiced by the carriers.

Why these delivery costs?

As a shopping site, Biodidoo is obliged to charge shipping costs favoring course orders. Biodidoo's idea is to offer organic products at affordable prices, so that this is economically possible, our delivery costs are billed to customers who take their organic courses according to weight and / or amount. Shipping an order costs Biodidoo between 10 and 20 €. In general, you only pay a part of this amount.

The Biodidoo objective is to democratize organic courses by offering very competitive prices on organic products. Here are the reasons why we have implemented this policy of transport costs.

1. Bigger order better than small order. Indeed, if you make several small orders, each time you need a complete packaging, a complete shipment, and all this has a much greater environmental impact than a larger package shipped once. On the other hand, it is also cheaper to pack and ship all at once. Placing large orders is therefore more ecological and economical than placing small orders.

2. The larger the amount of your order, the more we are able to lower the shipping cost for you. This is common sense, on a small order, we do not make enough profit margin to be able to offer the reduced shipping cost to you.

3. Biodidoo presents thousands of references covering all the needs of a mother and her baby. The idea is to allow you to constitute sufficiently large baskets, by drawing if you wish in our different universes, so that your delivery is as little as possible for you. By defending your purchases on, you also save on shipping costs by quickly reaching the threshold for reducing shipping costs.

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f you have chosen a VIP transport or ALL INN subscription, please note that these subscriptions are only available in Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, France and Germany. The transport subscription is only possible if you already have a VIP subscription. It is more advantageous to subscribe to a VIP ALL INN subscription.

Biodidoo strongly advises you to check in your "spam" box the possible emails of Biodidoo and transport companies.

In this way you avoid lost mails concerning your order and delivery by accepting the e-mail addresses of Biodidoo and transport companies in your contacts.

For this, you can follow this link Online Dispute Resolution