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Ecological Nappies Love & Green

Ref. : LOVE0001
Hypoallergenic diapers 0% chlorine, no dyes in contact with baby's skin, no petrolatum, no paraffin, no lotion
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  • T2 - 3 to 6kg - 36 nappies
  • T4 - 7 to 14kg - 46 nappies
  • T4+ - 9 to 20kg - 42 nappies
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Ecological and hypoallergenic disposable diapers for sensitive skin!

Soft layers, comfortable and very absorbent.
Soft mattress reinforced with cellulose, veil in contact with the skin 100% natural
No chlorine, no coloring and no petrolatum.
Certified FSC C105 456.

Love & Green selects the softest, most natural and most skin-friendly raw materials, and proves it by systematically testing its products under dermatological control in an independent laboratory.
In addition, Love & Green is committed to never using unwanted ingredients, such as parabens or allergens.

Ecological for the environment:
Composed with more than 50% natural & renewable materials. (2 to 3 times more than conventional layers)
Cellulose of the FSC certified cushion. (Responsible Forests) and certified TCF that is to say that it is unbleached with chlorine
Outer shell based on vegetable starch certified without GMO.
Vegetable starch packaging, biodegradable, compostable and printed with vegetable inks!

Love & Green Ecological Disposable Diapers are eco-designed, meaning that all aspects are considered to be the most environmentally friendly.
The composition of the product (all products are composed mostly of natural materials), packaging (all Love & Green products are packed in natural containers, recycled or large format), production, transportation, everything has been thought and developed to minimize the impact on the environment.
And Love & Green is committed to making the most of renewable, biodegradable and certified raw materials.

Made in Switzerland.
WWF partner: part of the sale price of the products is donated to them!

T1 - Birth - 2 to 5 kg: Package of 23 layers
T2 - Mini - 3 to 6 kg: Package of 36 layers
T3 - Midi - 4 to 9 kg: Pack of 52 layers
T4 - Maxi - 7 to 14 kg: Package of 46 layers
T4 + - Maxi + - 9 to 20 kg: Package of 40 layers
T5 - Junior - 12 to 25 kg: Pack of 34 layers

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