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Grey Ghassoul Powder 250g Bioflore

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Ideal for your hair masks or peels
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The rhassoul Bioflore is subjected to a microbiological analysis certifying the total absence of the following germs: Candida albicans, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus.

A natural way of washing that respects skin and hair
Rhassoul is a natural clay mineral extracted in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco. In North Africa, for centuries, rhassoul has been traditionally used for the cleaning and care of hair and skin. It is an integral part of the "hammam culture". Rhassoul cleans according to other principles than shampoos and conventional soaps based on surfactants. Mixed with water, it swells to form a nice gel consistency. Composed of very fine particles, it has a great exchange capacity, that is to say it absorbs impurities and superfluous fats, like a blotter. They can then be removed by rinsing. This very gentle washing process does not remove the lipoprotective film from the skin and hair, as surfactants too aggressive can do. A rhassoul wash does not attack the natural protective sheath of the hair, nor the acidic protective film of the skin. It does not irritate the sebaceous glands either.

How to proceed ?
No need to completely remove the usual shampoos and shower gels. For example, on 4 successive washes, give your skin the chance to wash it with rhassoul. Pour in a bowl the quantity necessary for a shampoo or for a complete shower. Mix with water to obtain a paste consistency that is neither too thick nor too liquid. Add vegetable oil and / or essential oil as needed.
The rhassoul, a little more strongly dosed, can be used for a peeling as effective as sweet. Integrate it in rose hydrosol to obtain a thick paste. Or add it to a cream or gel.

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Quality warning
The rhassoul we offer is ultra-fine gray rhassoul. Very pure, very fine naturally, it represents the optimal form of this mineral. Extracted from the deep layers, it is not mixed with surface rhassoul, also known as "rhassoul rouge". Red rhassoul is heterogeneous and rocky, more sensitive to external influences. It is necessary to grind it. In addition, to lower the price, it is common for red rhassoul to be mixed with other red soils. The properties listed below can only be verified by the use of our ultra-fine gray rhassoul. It is recognizable by its color and its silky touch.

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