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Ballot Flurin, the specialist of bee products, honey and propolis

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Ballot Flurin, the specialist of bee products, honey and propolis. All of their products, cosmetics or wellness products are based on 100% organic hive products

Health by the bees.

Here are the 10 commitments of Ballot Flurin:

  • The founding family Ballot-Flurin is still at the helm of the company without external capital
  • Pioneers of organic and sweet beekeeping since 1977, Ballot-Flurin continues every day to imagine the bio of tomorrow
  • We strive to ensure that bees are respected and lovingly raised so that they continue to live and accompany us
  • Our beekeeping materials and our preparations are all certified organic,
  • All our preparations are manufactured in France by gentle and non-polluting methods,
  • 100% of our propolis extracts are handcrafted in the Hautes-Pyrénées according to our patented and scientifically validated process,
  • We do not practice any tests on animals,
  • We preserve nature by choosing low impact packaging, materials and methods,
  • We make our campaigns live by creating jobs in our villages in the Hautes-Pyrénées,
  • We are committed to telling the truth about the origins of all our subjects and communicating authentically and truthfully.