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These comforters, 7 in number each have a name, a color and a different face. Their mission also varies depending on the selected character.
All children go through periods of fear, nightmares, anxieties. The plush Fear Hunters are made to comfort them. With their not always very attractive physics, Fear Hunters repel monsters, fears, diseases and encourage the child to face his fears. They participate in the child's personal development.
They are accompanied by aromatic sprays formulated with essential oils. Essential oils are dosed in small quantities thus quite safe (for use from 3 years). They were selected for their physical and psychological benefit against stress, anxiety, lack of confidence, carsickness ....
The comforters and sprays are sold in kit or separately. One can also combine a security blanket of a character with a spray of another character.
Have a Fear Hunters to be armed against all fears!


18 Article(s)
18 Article(s)