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Lamazuna is a young French brand with the objective of "zero waste"! The founder, Laetitia, has created a range of cosmetics 100% natural, ecological and vegan. The Lamazuna products are handmade.

Lamazuna offers innovative products such as solid cosmetics: shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste. In the Lamazuna range there are also reusable products, hundreds of times: washable up remover wipes or the famous "Oriculi - the swab for life."
Lamazuna means "Pretty Girl" in Georgian, what a beautiful name for a sparkling and colorful brand. Lamazuna Slow Cosmetics is a brand.

With Lamazuna thus avoided millions of waste each month. Lamazuna goes further in its environmental protection approach by investing in an agroforestry program. Lamazuna reverse 2% of its sales in Alto Huayabamba reforestation project in the Peruvian Amazon.
Lamazuna just opened its first store in France.
Long live the Lamazuna brand that wishes us well!
22 Article(s)
22 Article(s)