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Omum is a brand dedicated to future and young mothers. Pregnancy and motherhood are unique moments in the life of a woman. It is a time where it needs to be pampered as she prepares to give birth.

The founder of the brand Omum understands that developing this gently range.The brand's adventure begins in a world tour during which the founder of Omum, Marie-Pascale, realizes the culture gap regarding the accompaniment of the mother. In our culture, pregnancy revolves around medical appointments, controls, .... And loses all the emotional side of this wonderful experience. Omum has created skincare products reintroducing emotion while taking into account the specific needs of the pregnant woman.

The packages are colorful, cheerful and recyclable. The products are organic and provide maximum security to the mother and baby. They are formulated without essential oil and without controversial ingredient. Textures are cocoon and fragrances are natural.

MEMO, emotional cosmetics for future and young mothers.

8 Article(s)
8 Article(s)