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Our Charter

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Our Charter

Give meaning to your purchases!

BiOdidoo has the will to participate for a better world and better health for all.

This obviously happens by what we consume, by the way we live and feed ourselves.
To do this, we are also involved in this process of change at two levels:

As a citizen, since we are a family that consumes organic products of season and preferably local. A family that recycles his waste as much as possible, which respects the animals (by the way, we own more than a dozen of them). A family that takes care of itself and promotes the positive education of children. Should we not set an example above all?

As a professional, we are committed to manage our business with respect for the environment, which is why we pay special attention to these different points:

- Use of recycled or recyclable packaging material (except for fragile products that require specific packaging in order to arrive in good condition at the customer's premises) 
- Highlight and partner of the Slow Cosmetic Movement (see Slow Cosmetic corner) 
- In depth knowledge and meeting with our suppliers and partners to know their history and how they work to ensure that it is in accordance with our charter 
- Rigorous selection of healthy and organic labels and vigilance regarding components and packaging to promote the well-being of people and the environment 
- Respect for animal dignity by choosing mostly products not tested on animals 
- Promoting products to consume less and better 
- Choice of products whose manufacture respects the human being and the ecology 
- Preservation of the human dimension in the company 


Let's move together towards a more reasonable consumption!