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How does the sponsorship system work?

As a godfather you earn a 5% coupon code (valid on an order of 39 € min) and your godson receives a 5% discount on his first order worth at least 39 € (excluding postage and balances).

How it works ?

1- At the time of your registration, fill in the e-mails of the persons you wish to sponsor. If you already have an account with Biodidoo, log in to your customer area and fill in the e-mails in the "Referral" area.

2- Your referrals will receive by e-mail a promotion code of 5% to be used on their next order of 39 € minimum (excluding postage and balances).

3- If one of your referrals order on the site for a value of 39 € (excluding postage), you will receive by mail your promotional code of 5% value on your next order (From 39 € minimum excluding postage). You will receive a coupon code every time one of your referrals passes his first order.

On the other hand, these coupon codes can not be combined in a single order.

The e-mail addresses provided will be used strictly within the sponsorship program.